Hwang Bo-ra ♥ Kim Young-hoon, married after 10 years of devotion, and then more 'daldal'...'gum ticket couple'

Actress Hwang Bo-ra boasted of a sweet newlywed life.

Hwang Bo-ra said on the 17th that she enjoyed the trip to Guam with her husband Kim Young-hoon, saying "Guam was so much fun every day."

She is Hwang Bo-ra, and even when she walked the mlb중계 streets of Guam, she showed off her affection by walking tightly by the arms of her husband, Kim Young-hoon. She also more info showed off her mischievous side at her shooting range, with her signature wacky expression.

In addition, Hwang Bo-ra enjoyed leisurely travel, such as shopping and enjoying the sea breeze.

On the other hand, she is called Hwang Bo-ra. She married Kim Yong-gun's son and Ha Jung-woo's younger brother, Kim Young-hoon, CEO of Work House Company, in November of last year after a 10-year relationship.

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